Windows 11 New Start Menu (What’s new and improvements explained)

In this post, we will talk about all the pros and cons of the Windows 11 New Start Menu.

Microsoft has recently launched the successor of Windows 10 which is Windows 11. This launch was supposed to be a surprise for the Microsoft OS users but the leaked file already revealed much about the upcoming features in Windows 11. The leaked screenshots related to the Windows 11 reveals much information regarding the design of the Start menu, taskbar, and many more. 
 As in Windows 10, the Start menu was having a classic live tile design but the Windows 11 start menu is different and is more similar to the Start menu design as it was in Windows 10X.   
In the Latest Windows 11, the Start menu in Windows 11 is divided into three sections. On the top of the menu, there will be Pinned items and this section can contain more than a single page in case when you add more applications. 
The button to access the All apps list will be available in the top-right corner of the Start menu. Here in this section, the users will get the option to click on the letter to jump to the preferred position in the apps list. 
This time, Microsoft has included a new feature namely Recommended section in the Start menu which will work like the Timeline and will show the applications, folders, and document locations that are most used by the user.
The Power menu and the profile menu are going to be present at the bottom of the Start menu page. There will be some more space also where the users will be provide the access to place their quick access to files, folders, etc including the Settings, Documents, Downloads, etc. 
So this is a complete design of the Start menu in Windows 11. Though this Start menu design will deliver an entirely new experience to the Windows users having both positive and some negative aspects. Here in this guide, we present all the possible pros and cons related to the new Start menu design in Windows 11. 

Windows 11 New Start Menu – Here are the pros

Given below are some pros of the Windows 11 New Start Menu:

1. The best part of the new Start menu design is that Microsoft finally brings something new in Start menu design which is different from the traditional Start menu.    

2. Unlike the traditional Start menu, this Start menu design comes with many customization options allowing the users to align it either in the left corner or in the center of the display. 

3. Also, the Windows users with this Start menu design will be able to pin the software easily and make them easy to access. 

4.  In the top section of the Start menu containing the pinned apps, the users are allowed to drag and drop the application to the location they want. Users can move the application to another page as well. Since there can be more than one page on the top section of the Start menu, users with the help of their Mouse wheel or with the help of dots present on the right side, easily access the different pages.

5. Like the traditional Start menu, this menu also allows the users to unpin any application easily anytime from the Start or Taskbar. 

6. In the Start menu, along with the Unpin option, the option to uninstall the application will also be available. 

7. Another best part of this new Start menu is its Recommended section which shows the recent or most used applications, folders, files, and documents. Also, you will get the option to decide the application or the folder that should be shown in the Recommended section.  

8. In the free space, you will get the option to place quick access to any folder, file, or application. 

9. When you click on the item that is in Pinned section but is not installed in the system, there will be loaded until the app gets installed in the system. 

So these are some of the positive aspects of the new Start menu in Windows 11.   

Windows 11 New Start Menu – Here are the cons

Though the new design of the Start menu comes with many different features, it lacks several flexibilities and the features that were present in the classic Start menu. Following are the cons associated with the Windows 11 New Start Menu:

1. The biggest change that most of the Windows users are not appreciating is the lack of the Live tile appearance of the Start menu. The good thing is that with the editing in the registry, it is possible to bring back the classic Live tile Start menu in Windows 11 as well. But editing in Registry Editor can be risky for the system in the case when you are not so friendly with the technology. A single mistake while editing in the registry can corrupt the entire system.    

2. If you love using the Start menu in the full-screen, this Start menu design is not your thing as this option is no more available in the latest Start menu design. The latest upcoming Windows 11 does not allow the users to resize the Start Menu. 

3. And, the most annoying thing in this latest Start Menu is the advertisements. The new Start Menu comes with many advertisements that will appear in the Pinned section. Though these ads are not installed in the system, they will confuse the user and make it difficult for them to distinguish between the ads and the installed apps. This will end up in the installation of the new app that you are not in the use of.

So these are some cons with the new Start menu design In Windows 11 that might irritate the users. 
I hope this guide helps you understand more about the design Windows 11 New Start Menu.