Windows 10 Installation Stuck! How To Fix? [SOLVED]

Installing Windows has become easier with each passing version. Windows 10 is probably the easiest and fastest Windows to install on your PC, with Windows 7 to compete. However, this doesn’t mean installing Windows 10 always goes smoothly. Many users have reported that Windows 10 installation is stuck at certain percentages (10, 25, 60, etc).

This issue can be triggered by several reasons. Here I have discussed what you need to do when your Windows 10 installation freezes.

If you are updating Windows 10 and the installation of the update is stuck, read this article and do the troubleshooting mentioned there.

Why Windows 10 Installation Is Stuck?

Windows 10 installation freezing can be due to several factors. Here are some of the potential causes triggering this error:

  1. Corrupted ISO: A corrupted ISO will not install completely and stay stuck at whatever percentage it was corrupted.
  2. Peripherals Conflicting with the installation: Sometimes the plugged peripherals can freeze the Windows installation.
  3. Incompatible Hardware: Windows 10 doesn’t require extremely fast hardware for working, however it does have a basic requirement, which is needed to be met for it to run smoothly.
  4. Corrupted Memory: If the hard drive of the PC is corrupted, Windows installation can freeze.

Troubleshooting When Windows 10 Installation Is Stuck?

Here I have discussed several troubleshooting methods that you can use in order to fix this issue. Go through them one by one and hopefully you will land with a solution before reaching the end of the article.

Solution 1: Wait!

The first that I will suggest is to keep your patience and wait, at least for a couple of hours, before panicking and looking for solutions. Normally, Windows 10 shouldn’t take that long to install but sometimes it can slow down, due to PC hardware or other reasons. If you have waited long enough and still Windows 10 remains stuck, now proceed to the other solutions.

Solution 2: Install From External Installation Media

Does the Windows 10 installation freezes when you are updating from an earlier Windows version? If yes, try installing Windows from external media. This issue can be specific to updating from previous versions, and Windows provides ISO for both 32bit and 64bit versions on their website. Create a new Windows 10 installation media, if you already don’t have one, and use it to install Windows 10.

Solution 3: Select The Correct Region During Installation

Users living in the US have a weird issue while installing Windows. Many have reported that selecting a different region or even selecting a different language than English (United States) during the installation process can either stop or freeze the installation.

So, if you are from the US and facing this issue, make sure to select the correct region and language. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry and move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Delete All Past Windows Updates

If you are getting the error code 80240020 while installing Windows 10, then delete all the past Windows updates from the system drive before retrying the installation. This is a known fix for this issue. To do it, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Double click on the system drive.
  3. Open the Windows folder.
  4. Double click on the SoftwareDistribution folder.
  5. Open the Downloads folder next and delete everything in it.
  6. Try installing Windows again.

Solution 5: Disconnect All Additional Monitors And Peripherals

Have you attached multiple peripherals, like a controller, other than the mouse and keyboard and multiple monitors while installing Windows 10? This might be the reason Windows 10 installer is stuck. Try disconnecting all extra peripherals and monitors, other than the mouse and keyboard, and try to run the Windows 10 setup again.

Also, unplug any unnecessary USBs attached to your CPU, other than the installation media.

Solution 6: Try Installing From A Different Installation Media

Windows 10 installation stuck generally points at corrupted ISO. If you have a different installation media, try using that. If you don’t have a different installation media, simply visit Microsoft’s website and download the ISO installer. Use it to either make a bootable flash drive or installation DVD. Use that to install Windows 10 and see if the installation finishes without hiccups.

Solution 7: Delete All Partitions

If the above solutions didn’t work, try deleting all the partitions in your hard drive before installing Windows 10. This will obviously delete all your saved data on the other partitions, which is why you will have to back them up before going this route.

After you have backed up all your files in the other drives, delete all the partitions and create them. Now, try installing the Windows 10 installation media and see whether it gets stuck or not.

Solution 8: Remove RAM Modules

Many users reported that removing some of the RAM modules. If you have more than one installed, leads to a smooth Windows 10 installation. You can try it and see whether the installation finishes.

Solution 9: Malfunctioning Or Corrupted Hard Drive

If your hard drive is corrupted or malfunctioning, Windows will likely not finish installing even if it starts to do so. If none of the above solutions worked, this seems to be likely the cause of the issue. Try using another Hard Drive (if possible) and see if the installation proceeds smoothly.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. Now you know what to do when your Windows 10 installation is stuck.If you have any questions related to this article, ask them in the comment section.