How To Fix Sony Vegas Keeps Crashing In Windows 10?

Sony Vegas is a widely used video editing application, especially among the YouTubers which helps them create and edit videos before uploading them. However, some users have reported Sony Vegas keeps crashing on their PC resulting in a loss of work. This guide has compiled some of the best troubleshooting steps that can fix crashing issues and act as a Sony Vegas Render Freeze fix on Windows 10 PC.

How To Fix Sony Vegas Keeps Crashing In Windows 10?

Few steps are recommended by experts to resolve Sony Vegas crashing on your computer.

Method 1: Delete Temp Files In Your PC

The first step that can act as a Sony Vegas render freeze fix is to delete all the temporary files from your computer. This will free up space on your hard disk and free up system resources. Here are the steps to speed up the overall performance of your computer:
Step 1: Press Windows + R to invoke Run Box.
Step 2: Type %temp% and then click on the OK button.
Step 3: A window will pop up which will contain files and folders that can be safely deleted.
Step 4: Press CTRL + A to select all files and then press the Delete button on your keyboard.
Delete button
Step 5: Reboot your PC and check if the Sony Vegas keeps crashing issue has been resolved.

Method 2: Alter Priority for Sony Vegas

Microsoft allows its users to set priority for the programs installed on the system. Programs with high priority have more rights and complete access to system resources. Here are the steps to alter the settings of Sony Vegas:
Step 1: Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to invoke the RUN box.
Step 2: Type taskmgr in the text space followed by Enter.
Step 3: The Task Manager window will open where you have to click on the Details tab.
Step 4: Locate Sony Vegas in the list of programs and make a right-click on it.
Step 5: Hover your mouse cursor on the Set Priority to involve a small menu and then click on High.
Set Priority
Run Sony Vegas and check if the crashing issues have been fixed.

Method 3: Modify Processor Settings

Another method that can work as a Sony Vegas render freeze fix is to modify the processor settings and increase/decrease the CPU cores allotted to Sony Vegas. Here are the steps to carry out this method:
Step 1: Make a right-click on any space of your Taskbar and click on Task Manager from the context menu.
Step 2: In the Task Manager that opens, click on the Details tab and look for Vegas Pro in the list of apps.
Step 3: Make a right-click on the Sony Vegas Pro and then click on Set Affinity.
Set Affinity
Step 4: You can increase/decrease the number of CPU cores for this program. If there is any uncheck the box, then you can check all CPU cores and check if the issue is resolved. Otherwise, if all the cores are selected, then you may try reducing one of the cores by unchecking one of the boxes.
Now you can launch Sony Vegas Pro and check if all issues have been resolved.

Method 4: Update Drivers

The final method to resolve Sony Vegas render freeze fix and other crashing issues is to update the drivers of your computer, especially the graphics driver. It is not easy to update all the drivers of your computer manually and hence you will require software that helps you to do this smoothly and with ease. One such software is the Advanced Driver Updater that scans your PC’s hardware and drivers and automatically updates them to the latest version.
Once the graphics driver has been updated, you can check if the Sony Vegas crashing has been resolved before updating all other drivers.

The Final Word On How To Fix Sony Vegas Keeps Crashing In Windows 10?

These four troubleshooting methods have received positive reviews on the gaming forums and hence are recommended to try. There also could be a possibility that a recent update of Sony Vegas Pro might have caused the crashing issue which can only be fixed by a patch by the Sony Vegas developer team within a couple of days. On the other hand, keeping your drivers updated is the best way to ensure your PC does not develop minor issues and problems and Advanced Driver Updater is the best way to do so.