Repair Corrupted Windows System Files with SFC Command.

Windows 10 usually demonstrates stability. However, it can occasionally exhibit crashes. In fact, these crashes can compromise the performance of the system. On the other hand, the system itself provides tools to repair it. Today we will talk about one of those options. Specifically, the SFC command. What is the SFC command and how it … Read more

How Do I Keep My Laptop On While Closed? (Solved)

Windows/macOS will put your laptop to sleep by default once you close the top lid. If you wanted to play music, use a second external monitor, or listen to your favorite podcast while not looking at the screen, this could be such a bummer. However, there’s a way to keep the laptop running while the … Read more

How to Set a Video as a Wallpaper on Windows 10

There are various wallpaper options available on your computer by default but if you want to spice things up, setting a video as wallpaper is what many users resort to. Also, some users prefer live wallpapers but with the lack of options, setting a video as a wallpaper seems a perfect choice, since the options … Read more

How to Change Default Programs in Windows 10 |

Windows 10 lets you change the default mail app as well as the browser, music player, or anything else. Apart from this, you can set a default app for each file type as well. But, sometimes the file association may get messed up, and files will open in some other apps, instead of the one … Read more

[SOLVED] The Requested Value Cannot Be Determined Error

If we talk about today’s time, smartphone storage isn’t usually that big or enough so that you can keep all your data. At some point, it is always going to fill. So keeping them as a backup in your PC or laptop storage is a good practice. So regular syncing your data to your PC … Read more

Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

The Windows key on your keyboard is pretty useful when you want to access your start menu or navigate to any setting on your system. This Windows key is also known as the Winkey, and it has a Microsoft logo on it. Whenever you press this Winkey on your keyboard, the start menu pops up, … Read more

Miracast not working on Windows 10 after Update

If after you update or upgrade Windows 10 to a newer build or version, you notice that MIracast is no longer working, as in you’re unable to cast to devices, then you can try the solutions presented in this post to resolve the issue. Miracast not working after Update If you’re faced with this issue, … Read more